Pentapolis of Cyrenaica

Born in the cosmopolitan postwar Benghazi, Athas is fascinated by the legends of the country and follows the trails of Hellenism to the Pentapolis (5 cities), creating 6 unique pieces of jewelry, for the country, Lybia, and the five ancient Greek colonies in North Africa, Cyrene, Hesperides, Barce, Taucheira or Arsinoe and Apollonia. Every piece, just like the country and each one of the cities, has a story to tell…

Barce was the daughter of the mythical giant of Libya Antaeus, son of Gaia and of Poseidon who forced travellers passing through his land to compete with him in a wrestling match. When Heracles fought against him, Athena advised him to lift the giant up from the earth and by doing so weaken the skills of the giant and kill him.

“I am handmade, made with care and love by combining a glass bead, imitation of the rare and unique African Chevron beads, with glass beads from an old necklace from the 50’s in coral color, beads from old rosaries (komboloi) of the 70’s, glasses from an old chandelier, various elaborate glass beads in particular shapes, in olive and coral color, small old African beads as well as crystal rocailles. My clasp is made of bronze and it is antiallergic.”