Pentapolis of Cyrenaica

“Techni” - Art

The etymology (root) of the greek word for art, ”tèchni”, is the same for the word “tèkno”, meaning child. They both derive from the verb “tikto”, which means giving birth.

So “tèchni” (art) means new life in the greek language, which the creator, artist, looks after as his own child. Child can also be a “kòsmima” (jewel). Such a child can be a jewel – kosmima- since the word kosmos itself means the jewel of the universe!

Old objects, buttons, braids, lace and artifacts of nature, are combined and give birth to a new kind of “kòsmima” (jewelry) and live again, adorning the eternal Female.


Some are made of humble materials of the Universe such as stones. Earth, fire and water. Some others are made of wood, coral or aromatic amber and some others are made of seeds. So the beads are the gifts of nature, handcrafted with the love and passion of people.

As ancient as the artistic nature of those who selected them, admired them and transformed them in the course of the centuries, to elegant travellers who are whispering the stories of the far away lands they come from.

Born and reborn again in the course of these centuries, they have become amulets or apotropaic symbols, whispered with their rattle the unsaid names of God, became companionship to loneliness, got transformed into music, games, jewels. Their colours, their touch and sound have always enchanted and mellow the human souls. And some of these souls transubstantiate them into Immortal Art.

Every end always contains a new beginning. And so the beads continue their journey through eternal time and our mortal lives. They continue to live, to sound, inviting you to caress them, to smell them, to feel them, to comfort you. Every time, they have a different story to tell.

This time, it is the story of a jewel.